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by Fat Tony | Feb 26, 2009 |

When I was a wee chap I used to run around on inline skates, play street hockey, and even jump a small wooden ramp into the grass?I was too scared to land on the street. Now I am not a fan of fruit-booting or anything, but there is no denying that doing a 180 down a 12-flat-12 is absolutely insane.

Insane Yo-You Tricks

Little Kid Cup Stacker

Britian’s Got Talent…Connie Talbot. This six year old is amazing.
And again…wow.

This is suspenseful, then shocking, the funny, then sad.

And finally…thanks to Luis Panzone for introducing me to the best ass in the world?Keyra Augustina. Click the image for what turns up in Google images. No words to describe this, so just click.

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